About Us

Learn About Hancock Park Veterinary Clinic

An animal doctor plays a key role in the safety and health of your pets. By working with a professional veterinarian in Los Angeles, you have the opportunity to focus on the needs of a beloved family pet. At Hancock Park Veterinary Clinic, we have offered professional services in Los Angeles for five years and we strive to provide appropriate preventative care to keep your pets as healthy and active as possible throughout their lives.

About Doctor White

Dr. White is a professional veterinarian with an interest in providing appropriate preventative care to a variety of pets. She has worked with birds, dogs, cats and other small pets that individuals bring into their home. Although Dr. White practices in Los Angeles, she started her training as an animal doctor in Florida and completed a graduate degree in Tennessee.

Our Los Angeles Pet Services

At Hancock Park Veterinary Clinic, we offer several services to help keep your pets healthy and active. We take a preventative approach to the health of your pets and strive to provide appropriate care based on the needs of the specific animal.

Our services include:

  • Providing appropriate vaccinations to limit the risk of sicknesses
  • Spaying or neutering
  • Dental care for oral health concerns and basic maintenance of pet teeth
  • Eye care and preventative eye health exams
  • Regular exams for overall health
  • Emergency care for injuries, allergies or similar unexpected concerns

We recognize the importance of preventative care when it relates to the health of your pets. When you bring a pet to an animal hospital, you expect appropriate care based on the situation and your personal concerns.

When to Seek Our Veterinary Assistance

Although certain situations need assistance from a medical professional, we recognize that pet owners face a variety of situations that seem confusing or complicated. As a general rule, you want to seek professional veterinary care for a pet in any emergency situation. For example, if a pet is bitten by another animal or injured in an accident, then seek immediate medical attention.

We recommend regular visits and exams to check for potential health concerns. We also suggest regular visits for dental health check-ups and treatments to maintain the health of a pet’s teeth and gums. In the first few months of life, we recommend treatment plans based on the needs of the pet. After a pet has all of the appropriate vaccinations and treatments, we recommend an annual exam for basic health check-ups and appropriate booster shots.

When you want to encourage good health for your pets, working with a professional veterinarian gives you peace of mind. For more details about the services and treatments we offer, contact us today.