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Important Information About Traveling with Pets from Your Veterinarian

Important Information About Traveling with Pets from Your Veterinarian in Los AngelesTraveling with pets los angeles

Whether you are traveling with your pet in the U.S. or overseas, ensuring your pet has the proper certifications and identification tags signifying your pet has been vaccinated and registered is vital to avoiding legal problems and delays. Your veterinarian in Los Angeles CA also recommends having your pet microchipped before traveling. Microchipping makes it much easier to find lost pets because each microchip contains contact information that can be read by a scanner. 

Pet Health Certificates in Los Angeles

Pet health certificates are documents signed by veterinarians who have examined a pet and determined the animal is healthy and not ill with an infectious disease. These certificates also satisfy import requirements of territories, states or countries to which you are bringing your pet. You can get pet travel certificates in Los Angeles by scheduling an appointment with your vet to have your pet physically evaluated. Also be aware that international travel typically requires proof of a pet health certificate that has been endorsed by the USDA.

Our animal hospital in Los Angeles is qualified to provide pet owners with pet health certificates accepted by nearly all European, Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Depending on the country you are visiting, you may be asked to quarantine your pet for 24 hours or to show additional documentation regarding vaccinations and your pet's health. Always call the embassy of the country to which you are traveling to find out exactly what you need to show for permission to bring your pet into that country.

Things to Take With You When Traveling With Your Pet

In addition to a pet health certificate, your vet in Los Angeles CA recommends taking along the following:

  • Veterinarian contact information
  • List of animal hospitals and veterinarians near your destination
  • Current photograph of your pet
  • ID tag engraved with your pet's name, your name and your phone number
  • A copy of your pet's health record (if he needs to take medications or has pre-existing medical conditions)
  • Extra leashes/harnesses/collars/blankets/toys/food dishes

To get pet travel certificates in Los Angeles, please call Hancock Park Veterinary Clinic today at 323-936-6952 to schedule a wellness exam for your pet.


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