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Why Focus on Pet Dental Care?

Pet Dental Month: Why Focus on Pet Dental Care?Pet Dental

February is about more than just Valentine's Day this year, it's also been declared Pet Dental Month by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Therefore, it's an excellent time for your Los Angeles veterinarian to emphasize the value of pet dental care to your pet's overall health. This month, show your love for your pet by scheduling pet teeth cleaning with your vet in Los Angeles. 

Benefits of Los Angeles Pet Dental Care from Our Pet Dentist

Pet dental care offers many crucial health and quality-of-life benefits. Pet teeth cleaning from our pet dentist (AKA your Los Angeles vet) is a powerful way to ensure your pet avoids gum disease. Neglected teeth lead quickly to gum inflammation, gingivitis and periodontal disease, so much so that nearly 90% of pets have gum disease by age 3. If your pet is older, it's not to late to start pet teeth cleaning at our veterinarian in Los Angeles. Gingivitis can be reversed with pet dental care in Los Angeles and even periodontal disease's progression can be slowed.

Left untreated, gum disease bacteria can unfortunately affect major organs and cause systemic health problems. Regular pet dental care in Los Angeles also helps your pet keep a mouthful of healthy teeth, so that s/he can chew well, get adequate nutrition and enjoy food throughout life. Annual visits to our pet dentist also help prevent awful dog breath (or cat breath) and avoid the pain (for your pet) and expense (for you) of pet tooth decay, infection/abscesses and potential extractions.

Pet Dental Care from Our Los Angeles Vet

Los Angeles pet dental care visits may include:

  • Inspecting the mouth for sores, injury, oral cancer, etc. 
  • Removing tooth plaque and tartar, cleaning above and below the gum line
  • Measuring dental pockets
  • Dental charting 
  • Tooth polishing to create smooth surfaces that discourage plaque buildup
  • Dental x-rays 
  • Fluoride or tooth sealant application
  • Tooth bonding, repairing cracks or tooth extractions

February's Pet Dental Month is the perfect time to make an appointment with our veterinarian in Los Angeles. Call our vet in Los Angeles at Hancock Park Veterinary Clinic at 323-936-6952 today.


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