Canine Influenza Vaccine in Los Angeles

Canine Influenza Vaccine in Los Angeles

Vaccinations can prevent your pet from facing unnecessary health concerns. Dog flu, or canine influenza, raises concerns about your dog’s long-term well-being. By taking measures to prevent the sickness with an appropriate vaccination, you avoid health risks in your pet.

What is Canine Influenza?

Canine influenza refers to the flu virus that harms your dog. It is not considered harmful to humans, but the sickness is very contagious and may harm your dog’s health. Our veterinarian in Los Angeles may refer to the virus as dog flu when discussing potential symptoms or risk factors with pet owners.

The sickness causes breathing problems, coughing and sneezing. In severe cases, your dog may have a risk of pneumonia related to the virus. Although the virus does not spread to humans, it is a new form of the flu virus and spreads easily among dogs. It may also change over time, so you want to consider vaccinating a pet against the flu virus.

Why Consider Vaccination from Our Vet in Los Angeles?

A vet in Los Angeles may recommend a canine influenza vaccine due to the risks of infection in the local area. The virus may spread to other pets and your dog may contact the sickness in a park, kennel or any location with other dogs. It does not have a specific season, so your pet may face risks at any time of the year. At Hancock Park Veterinary Clinic, our vet may recommend the vaccine to prevent the spread of the sickness.

We also recommend the vaccine to prevent complications with your pet’s health. Pet vaccinations in Los Angeles prevent your pet from experience severe sickness from the flu virus. It limits the possibility of developing more complex health concerns like pneumonia when your dog is exposed to the virus.

Contact Our Animal Hospital in Los Angeles to Learn More about Canine Influenza Vaccines

Dog flu is a concern for any pet owner due to the contagious nature of the sickness. To learn more about preventing the flu virus from harming your dog or to set up an appointment for a vaccination, contact us at (323) 936-6952 today.

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