Treating your Environment


Indoor Treatment:
The number of individual treatments necessary will depend upon the degree of infestation and the thoroughness of each treatment. A mild infestation may only require one treatment whereas a medium to heavy infestation may require several days of treatment. 

Vacuum all floors, carpets, baseboards, pet bedding and furniture (especially between the cushions and the floor underneath). Vacuuming not only removes a percentage of fleas and eggs, but it also stimulates the cocoons to hatch. Vacuum prior to treatment and resume vacuuming 24 hours after treatment. Recent research indicates that daily vacuuming for two to three weeks after treatment will expedite the elimination of fleas. Discard the vacuum bag after each use. For flea-control on hardwood floors, begin with vacuuming the floors and baseboards then spray the floor including all cracks, crevices and baseboards.

Outdoor Treatment:
To control fleas outdoors, spray a flea treatment spray like Siphotrol* in the areas where the pet spends the majority of time i.e., kennels, runs, beds fence lines, along sidewalks and driveways, underneath decks, and areas adjacent to foundations, etc. A repeat treatment may be necessary after four weeks.

*Always thoroughly read through a products instructions before spraying the area.


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