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Welcome to our HPVC Online Store!

If your pet is a regular patient of ours, has had their wellness exam done within the last year and is on a regular medication or supplement, you can now order it online!

Once you place your order through the website, a request form gets sent to us at the clinic where we will look over your pets history and we either approve or deny the request.

Some medications do require frequent blood work (often times every 6mo-1yr) to ensure that everything in your pets body is in balance and healthy. If your pets history does not meet the medications requirements, the request will be denied and a call will be made to you to make arrangements for any exam or blood work that is necessary.

Please be sure that your are already a client of ours and the pet you are ordering for is a current patient as no prescriptions can legally be made to a pet that has not been examined by one of our doctors.