National Check the Chip Day

National Check the Chip Day Hancock Park Veterinary Clinic in Los Angeles

Every year, on August 15th, National Check the Chip Day arrives. This is the perfect time to chip your pet at a vet in Los Angeles if you have yet to do so.

Celebrate National Check the Chip Day in Los Angeles

National Check the Chip Day was created by the American Animal Hospital Association or AAHA and the American Veterinary Medical Association or AVMA.

The day is intended to get pet owners to microchip their pets. If a pet owner already got their pet microchipped, this is a good day to check the pet’s registration and ensure it’s not outdated.

Pet Microchip Look-Up Partners

In association with National Check the Chip Day, many organizations have partnered with the AVMA and AAHA to help with pet microchip look-up. This lets a pet owner quickly find registration information.

Those organizations are:

  • SmartTag Microchip
  • Save This Life
  • PetLink
  • PetKey
  • Microchip I.D. Systems
  • InfoPet
  • HomeAgain
  • Found Animals
  • AKC Companion Animal Recovery
  • 24PetWatch

Why Should You Get Your Pet Microchipped?

There are so many reasons for pet microchipping in Los Angeles. The biggest and most important reason is getting your pet back home safely. Even if a pet crosses state lines, if they’re microchipped, you have a better likelihood of finding them.

Microchipping can also reduce the homeless pet population, which is already concerning.

The process of microchipping is fast and painless. Your pet won’t feel a thing, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can find your pet no matter where they go.

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