Pet Surgery from our Los Angeles Veterinarian

Keeping your pet healthy at different stages of his or her life starts with determining the needs of your pet. In some situations, you pet must go through a surgical procedure to reduce the risk of health complications or to address a specific injury or emergency.

Common Pet Surgeries

At the Hancock Park Veterinary Clinic, we offer a variety of treatment solutions to keep your pet healthy. Our veterinary professionals may recommend surgical procedures when your pet requires the treatment.

Common surgical procedures we offer for your pets include:

  • Spaying or neutering
  • Emergency surgery after an accident
  • Treating a broken bone
  • Surgery for a pet’s ears, particularly if your pet has regular ear infections
  • Removal of tumors, cancers or other lumps and bumps

Our surgical procedures focus on the needs of your pet. We address potential health concerns or provide peace of mind when you bring a puppy or kitten into your home.

Preparing a Pet for Surgery

Before a pet goes into surgery for any reason, you want to discuss your concerns with a veterinarian to ensure that you understand the specific details of the procedure. At our clinic, we may perform blood work on a pet to check for certain health concerns or to prevent complications during the procedure.

For many surgical procedures, we recommend that you do not feed your pet before the procedure. It is usually appropriate to feed a pet the night before and you may need to limit liquids before the procedure. Since we use an IV catheter and provide your pet with fluids during the procedure, as well as appropriate anesthesia to limit risks, we do not suggest feeding a pet before the treatment.

Caring for a Pet After Surgery

After the surgical procedure, we recommend giving your pet time to heal and recover before returning to your normal routine. Recovery times vary based on the type of treatment. We may recommend one week or longer for a pet to heal.

Limit physical activity during the recovery process and assist your pet as needed when he or she returns to your home. We provide appropriate pain relievers after the procedure to limit discomfort while your pet heals.

When to Speak to a Veterinarian in Los Angeles

Discussing your concerns with a veterinarian in Los Angeles depends on the situation. Generally, we suggest visiting a veterinarian when you want to spay or neuter a young puppy or kitten. You also want to discuss surgical procedures when a pet shows signs of an injury or pain. We may recommend surgery when we notice health concerns like a tumor or regular tests suggest a health problem.

Surgical procedures are an important part of protecting your pet’s health. Whether your pet needs emergency surgery after an accident or you intend to spay or neuter a pet, you want to work with experienced professionals. For more details about surgical procedures for your pet, call the Hancock Park Veterinary Clinic at (323) 936-6952 today.