Taking Your Pet to a Los Angeles Animal Doctor

Veterinary care is an essential part of protecting your pet and keeping an animal as healthy as possible. Depending on the age of your pet and the needs of the specific type of pet, the solutions that help you keep a beloved dog, cat, bird or other animal healthy will vary. A veterinarian provides the tools that you need to ensure that every animal in your home has the proper care, nutrition and tools to avoid unnecessary health concerns.

What is Veterinary Care?

Veterinary care refers to any treatment that a dog, cat or other animal receives from a veterinarian. An animal doctor provides key services that keep a beloved member of your family as healthy as possible, which include:

  • Treating illnesses or sicknesses
  • Preventing or eliminating parasites that infect a pet’s system
  • Reducing health risks from environmental factors
  • Spaying or neutering a pet
  • Checking for health problems
  • Educating pet owners about diet, exercise and healthy activities that a pet needs at different stages of life
  • Making a pet comfortable as he or she ages

Veterinary professionals at the Hancock Park Veterinary Clinic have the tools to ensure that your pets have the proper care they need throughout their life. Whether you want to protect a puppy or kitten from common health concerns that arise early in life or you want to ensure that an older pet has the proper care for age-related health concerns, our clinic has the tools to assist with your situation and goals.

When to Take Your Pet to Our Los Angeles Veterinarian

The appropriate time to bring your pet to our Los Angeles clinic depends on the situation and your goals. As a general rule, you want to bring a dog, cat, bird or other pet in for a regular check-up at least once per year. The annual check-up allows us to give your pet booster shots or appropriate medications based on risks at different ages. It also allows us to recommend dietary changes, exercises or other tools that keep your pet healthy on a regular basis.

Other times to bring a pet to our clinic include:

  • During an emergency
  • Early in life for a check-up and shots
  • Any time you decide to get a pet spayed or neutered
  • At any time a routine check-up suggests that a pet has a health concern and tests are necessary for an appropriate solution
  • When you notice bad breath or similar oral hygiene problems
  • When pets show signs of pain or discomfort

Your pet’s health starts with appropriate care and treatments. By ensuring that your pet gets appropriate veterinary care, you prevent health concerns and catch any problems that develop early.

Preventative care is as important as treatment when a health concern arises. By caring for a pet appropriately and providing the right treatments to maintain a pet’s health, you keep your pet as healthy as possible throughout his or her life. For more information about our services, contact us today.