The Benefits of Veterinary Dental Care

The Benefits of Veterinary Dental Care

Going to the dentist for regular cleanings is a crucial part of keeping your teeth and gums in good shape, but what about your pets? When it comes to oral health, dogs and cats need regular veterinary dental care. This kind of care improves your pets’ chances of maintaining healthy teeth and gums throughout their lives, which leads to fewer health problems and a good quality of life. Our veterinarian can do routine cleanings in a safe manner to protect your pets’ oral health.

Routine Cleanings Result in Healthier Pets

When you have your pets’ teeth and gums cleaned at least once or twice a year, this can have a big impact on their overall health. As your pets age, they become more likely to suffer from a variety of dental problems, such as gum disease or tooth decay, which leads to difficulty eating their food. They might experience discomfort that prevents them from being able to chew properly, which can result in a refusal to eat. This can end up causing nutritional deficiencies that can affect their overall health.

When you bring your pets in for exams and cleanings, we are able to lower their risk of developing tooth and gum problems as they get older. We do this by thoroughly removing traces of plaque buildup that raise their risk of tooth decay. We can also spot warning signs of dental problems and take steps to treat them before they lead to tooth loss, bone loss or widespread infections that can end up affecting their internal organs.

At Hancock Veterinary Clinic, we recommend having your pets’ teeth cleaned yearly. This gives us a better chance to detect tooth and gum problems early and ensure that your pets have a low risk of dental disease. We offer dental exams and cleanings that use anesthesia to keep your pets calm, which makes it easier for us to completely clean their teeth and gums. Every pet is monitored closely while under sedation. If you are nervous about having your pets sedated, we also offer dental exams and cleanings that do not involve the use of anesthesia. These are typically a better choice if you have pets who are older or pets who are ill. Keep in mind that if your pets need any procedures done, such as tooth extractions, these do need to be done under sedation for your pets’ safety. We might also recommend anesthesia if your pets have a considerable amount of plaque buildup on their teeth.

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Protect your pets’ dental health with routine exams and cleanings every six months. If it is time for their next dental checkup, please contact our Los Angeles veterinarian for an appointment. Your pets will receive high-quality dental care for strong and healthy teeth and gums.

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