Our patients and our clients are our family. Both the staff up front and the hardworking staff in the back, including the doctors, put in everything we’ve got to make the experience at Hancock Park the best it can be for you and your pet.

All pictures and passages shown in the links below are placed on our site with the permission of the owners

This is little Raisin! She’s waiting happily in the lobby already finished with her treatment, telling momma’ “Hurry up!”

Little Peanut was waiting with her mom to go home when she decided to strike a little pose! (:

Sweet little Dave takes a snooze as he and his sister Ursula wait for mom.

Adorable little Seely Booth!

Sakala is a creature after Einstein’s own his heart.

Hazel with one of our receptionists, Ashlee. (:

Bun Bun getting her ears checked out by Dr. White.

Deuce, a pet belonging to one of our very own, about to have his teeth cleaned by our amazing non-anesthetic pet dental nurse, Annie Wolf! (Details on the work she does found here. )