Traveling with your pet can be overwhelming sometimes, but listed below are a few beginner notes to help you get started in researching what your pet will need for the trip ahead!

Domestic & International Pet Travel- USDA Regulations for Animal Export


Locate your travel destination in the website linked above to find all of the requirements your pet must meet to be able to enter the country. Most countries have their own form they want filled out, so be sure to use the APHIS website to verify. Each destination usually  has different requirements as well , but you will often find a checklist to help guide you.

IE:  Deworming, tick control, vaccine requirements, titer testing, etc.

If you cannot find your destination in the link above, please contact the embassy of the country you will be visiting for specific instructions. Failing to do so may result in delays in travel or your pet being placed into quarantine upon arrival.

Also, be advised that all international pet travel requires a visit to a USDA Certified vet. This vet is not your accredited, general practice veterinarian- both doctors must sign off on the travel certificate and so is an additional visit you and your pet must make prior to travel. Their hours are typically very limited so be sure to call ahead of time to be able to schedule accordingly:

Los Angeles Animal Import Center (LA AIC):
222 Kansas Street
El Segundo, CA 90245

Some places, such as Hawaii, Guam, Japan, etc. require Rabies Titer Tests to be done [due to being rabies free islands] before travel; this titer test can take up to 6 weeks to receive results so be sure to begin the process well before your travel date. Read your destination’s guides carefully as this test must be done at a specific time, also, have proof of rabies having been given in the past if it was not done at Hancock Park Vet.

Happy Travels!