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If you own an exotic pet, we welcome you with open and uniquely qualified arms! Not only will your pet get outstanding treatment, our veterinarian in Los Angeles has treated exotic pets for years and has the empathy for and understanding of their uniqueness.

Our Exotic Pet Vet in Los Angeles

Exotic pets abound in Los Angeles homes, and Hancock Park Veterinary Clinic is one of the few clinics that provides exotic pet care in Los Angeles. Treating exotic pets requires a distinctive set of skills and experience not all vets possess. Our Los Angeles veterinarian has the expertise, insight, and experience necessary to meet all exotic pets’ health needs.

Exotic Pet Care Services

For all our exotic patients, our Los Angeles veterinarian offers these services:

  • Complete Physical Exams: The wellness exam is the secret to keeping pets healthy. Not only do these exams enable us to catch problems before they become real problems, they are also the time we vaccinate pets, if necessary.
  • Dietary Evaluations and Advice: A good diet can literally mean the difference between life and death for all animals. A major part of our exotic pet care in Los Angeles is nutritional counseling to keep pets healthy.
  • Diagnostic Tests: Diagnostics allow us to screen for illnesses and conditions to get a head start on necessary treatment.
  • Surgical Procedures: We perform routine and emergency surgeries on exotic pets including orthopedic and soft tissue surgical pet procedures.

Small Mammal Vet Care

Our goal for small mammals is to give you the knowledge you need to help your small mammal live longer and be healthier. How? Diet, exercise and wellness care are the key ingredients – all of which we’ll help you with. We treat dozens of small mammals, including:

  • Hamsters
  • Guinea pigs
  • Gerbils
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Ferrets
  • Chinchillas

Bird Vet Care

We see many birds in our practice and pride ourselves in providing the best possible avian care available by any veterinarian in Los Angeles. Like cats, birds tend to mask their pain and illnesses so one of our goals is to help you recognize the symptoms and signs of an illness or injury. Our avian care plan includes helping birds avoid painful conditions while maintaining their strength, health, and minimizing stress in their lives.

Reptile Vet Care

As intimidating as some reptiles appear, these creatures are among some of nature’s most fragile in terms of their dietary and environmental needs. Reptiles need a habitat with the right temperature and humidity level as well as healthy food. Every reptile species has different needs. Advice and care from our exotic pet vet in Los Angeles will keep your pet reptile healthy for the long haul.

Finding exotic pet care in Los Angeles is difficult. Finding passionate, competent and committed exotic pet care in Los Angeles is even more difficult. Let our exceptional Los Angeles veterinarian be your exotic pet care partner. Give us a call today.


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