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The worst has happened and your dog or cat has run away. You don’t know how, but now they’re lost. You put up flyers and call your friends and family. Together, you search the neighborhood hoping to find your lost pet.

It only takes one situation like this to scar you. If your pet had been microchipped, though, you’d likely have them home a lot faster.

What Is Microchipping?

Microchipping is a process where a rice grain-sized chip is placed beneath an animal’s skin by a vet in Los Angeles. It’s a short process that only takes the doctor a matter of minutes to chip your pet and it’s painless to your furry friend.

Get Your Pet Microchipped 

If you’ve been in the situation where your pet is lost, you know how stressful and harrowing it can be. You have to deal with the possibility that you may never see your pet again. However, if your pet is microchipped, the chances of them being returned to you greatly increases.

Take the proper steps today, so this doesn’t happen to your pet and get them microchipped to ensure they return back to you. Get your pet microchipped today!