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Parasite Prevention

Pests and parasites such as fleas, ticks and heartworms can not only make your pet’s everyday life miserable — they also pose a direct threat to his health, and in some cases the damage may already be done by the time the invaders’ presence has been detected. Prevention is the smartest way to keep your beloved friend safe, happy and healthy. 

Fleas, Ticks and Heartworms:

People are accustomed to the notion of fleas or ticks finding their way onto pets, but this commonplace scenario should be treated as cause for concern. For one thing, both fleas and ticks are carriers of dangerous diseases.

Fleas are known to transmit haemobartonellosis (a red blood cell disease), cat scratch disease and even bubonic plague; their bite can also introduce tapeworms into your pet’s body. Flea eggs can make their way inside our homes on our clothes and shoes and mosquitoes are also often found inside, therefore, even if our pet is indoors only, we still recommend regular prevention to avoid serious disease.

Ticks can infect your pet with Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, anaplasmosis (“dog tick fever”) and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Even if your pet escapes infection, the bites can produce allergic dermatitis — and scratching obsessively at the welts can cause broken skin and bacterial infection.

Heartworms are another potentially devastating health threat that make Los Angeles pet parasite protection a must. These creatures enter your pet’s bloodstream in their larval form via mosquito bite, growing into masses of long, thin worms in the heart and lungs until cardiopulmonary failure finally occurs. Once a dog has been diagnosed with heartworms, treatment to remove these parasites can be a lengthy and complicated process. Cats with heartworm have no safe treatment options for removing the parasites, since their expulsion can trigger a sudden fatal reaction.

Options for Pet Parasite Prevention

Good news! In Los Angeles, you have numerous options for straightforward and effective pet parasite prevention. Regularly administering medications, such as monthly topicals or chewables, can effectively thwart fleas, ticks, and/or heartworms throughout the year. Some products, like flea and tick collars, offer extended protection, assuming your pet isn't allergic. Keep in mind that certain products target specific pests or different stages of flea life cycles, so your pet might require multiple medications for comprehensive protection. Consult with our Los Angeles veterinarian to determine the optimal combination of pet parasite prevention medications. Contact us today!