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Pet Travel

Pet owners who travel internationally with their pets must get a pet health certificate before they leave. As your vet in Los Angeles, we provide pet travel certificates to pet owners in our area. Proper documentation can help ensure that your trip goes well.

What is the Pet Travel Certificate

Pet health certificates enable pets to travel across borders from one country to another. Some countries have their own pet travel certificate while other countries will accept the International Health Travel Certificate. The pet travel certificate is filled out by the pet’s veterinarian to certify that the pet is healthy. Visit APHIS the government entity that controls health certificates to search information about travel to different countries and or states. Certificates typically include information about the following:

  • Parasites. Pets must be free of parasites in order to travel from one country to another.
  • Vaccinations. Your pet must be up to date on his or her vaccinations in order to leave the country and enter another country. The rabies vaccine is one of the most common vaccines that countries require of pets before travel occurs, however, the details of what is accepted may vary by country. For example, some countries will not recognize the three year rabies vaccine. Pets who receive the three year rabies vaccine must be given a booster shot before they travel to countries that do not recognize this vaccine. Many countries will also set time requirements regarding when it is acceptable for the vaccine to be administered. Many countries require the rabies vaccine to be administered between 12 months and 30 days before travel takes place.
  • Basic information about your pet. The certificate will need to include information such as your pet’s name, country of origin, breed, age and other basic information.

In some cases, the certificate may need to be translated into another language. These details will be outlined in the travel certificate. 

We Provide Pet Travel Certificates in Los Angeles

Hancock Park Veterinary Clinic fills out travel certificates for pets in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. For pets who need vaccines, parasite treatment and other forms of veterinary care, our experienced veterinarians can administer treatment necessary to ensure that pets are ready to go on a trip.

Get Ready for Travel

In addition to acquiring a travel certificate, there are many other things you can do to get your pet ready for international travel. For example:

  • Stock up on medications required by your pet.
  • Pack food and toys for your pet to use on the trip.
  • Do research regarding pet-friendly spots at your destination.
  • Contact your airline to find out the requirements of pets on flights.

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